Chapter 8N S-Rank Guide

Welcome to the map clear guide for chapter 8N. Dreamer makes her resurgence here and the enemies’ armor value has gone up slightly to the current maximum of 114. The key factor to managing your echelons’ health throughout the mission will ensure that they can handle both high quantity forces and high armor units.

There are two ways to go about this: with bit of help from an Airstrike fairy or by using hybrid echelons.

If you lucked out and managed to score at least 2 Airstrike Fairies, all you have to do is to level their skill levels to 3. This increases their damage to 120, helpful against the Tarantulas in 8-3N and 8-4N. By then your normal RFHG echelon should have no issues fighting through rest of the armored units. Keep in mind, however, that you still face some unarmored units with high evasion, like Scouts, so don’t expect to breeze through the maps easily.

The second option available was already used in the Area 6N guide, where a single SG as main tank along with SMG and ARs [AR-SMG-SG], and an SMG in a RFHG echelon [RF-HG-SMG] were included among the echelon compositions. An MGSG team also works but as soon as enemy units with evasion start showing, you’ll be in for a slug fest. Always be on lookout for a T-Doll type match up.

Lastly, you still need to control your T-Dolls during the battle to kite or retreat at the right time to avoid taking unnecessary damage.


Laser Dreamer again, but at night. The respective tab for 8-4N has a video on killing her for reference.


Here you can find full a S-rank guide for new maps. You can also click on images to open lightbox and look through it as an album.

Take note: This guide provides only one solution to these maps with minimum requirements to get an S-rank. Utilizing fairies (Parachute especially) will help immensely in clearing those maps. Note that they can be affected RNG when it comes to getting an S-rank, you’ve been warned! Good luck!


Clear Conditions:

Kill all enemies in 2 turns.

Required Squads:

2x Anti-armor echelons that can kill Tarantula and Manticore units + 2 Dummy Echelons + 1 Friend Echelon

Start with your combat echelons at top helipad. Dummy echelons fill in the bottom two helipad.

Turn 1a

Combat echelon to the left sweeps the left side of the map on its way to the allied helipad on the bottom. It should fight 5 times with all battles being just Dinergates or Tarantulas. Combat echelon on the right side moves once to the left and we will deploy a Friend echelon and set it to 'eliminate' command.

Turn 1b

Combat echelon on the right side also makes its way to the allied helipad on the bottom-right side. BEFORE ending the turn, swap the combat echelons and dummy echelons so that they are resupplied before ending the turn.

Turn 2

This is where there's going to be some variations to the routing as new enemy unit[s] will spawn from helipads and you will have to find them all this turn. Combat echelon on the right side will sweep the bottom side while the other echelon will sweep the middle and top portion of the map. You might have to go through the top portion of the map first instead than checking the middle depending on RNG.


Clear Conditions:

Kill all enemy units in 5 turns.

Required Squads:

2x Combat Echelons [Recommend ARSMG with AOE skill] + 2 Dummy Echelons

Start with 2 combat echelons on both Helipads. Move both combat echelons to the node adjacent to the Jupiter cannon. Then deploy dummy echelons on the helipads.

Turn 1

From here on, you will need to mind the sheer RNG in the enemy's movements so that dummy echelons don't get into battle. However once you get to later turns, you should have plenty of movement points to sweep the entire map and clear without issue. Black beans serve as DPS checks, proper ARSMG teams are up for the task.

Turn 2a

Move each combat echelon to the top left helipad and the node to the right of the Jupiter cannon respectively.

Turn 2b

Dummy echelon follows suit so that nodes can be captured and not revert back during the enemy's turn. You probably have to swap dummies' and combat echelons' positions on the right side to get the dummies out of harm's way.

Turn 3a

Again with the variations depending on RNG this turn. But we are looking to finish surround-capturing the Jupiter cannon.

Turn 3b

Move the dummy echelon to finish the surround-capture.

Turn 4a

Continue to sweep the map thoroughly while the combat echelon takes care of the weakened Jupiter cannon.

Turn 4b

Movement will vary with enemy movement but we are looking to get to the radar if there's enough movement points. However it's no big deal if you cannot.

Turn 5

Now you should have plenty of move points to finish killing of rest of the units and clear the mission.


Clear Conditions:

Kill all enemy units in 4 turns.

Required Squads:

2x Anti-armor echelon that can kill Tarantula and Manticore units

This map has restriction of 2 echelons for total deployment, so every echelon must be able to fight in this map. If your ARSMG echelon is supper strong and can kill Manticore unit with 111 armor, it should be fine to use it.

Turn 1a

Combat echelon on the left helipad captures the closed helipad at the intersection, while the combat echelon on the bottom-center moves up once for you to deploy a Friend echelon. Get a strong one that can fight just about anything.

Turn 1b

We will set it to 'eliminate' and swap back into the helipad.

Turn 2a

Combat echelon at the bottom side moves towards the closed helipad at the bottom side first.

Turn 2b

Combat echelon at the top intersection swaps with friend echelon, then moves next to the other combat echelon. We then set the Friend echelon to 'wait'. This is so that we can split the map into two sections, both we can sweep at a time.

Turn 3

Clear out the left pocket of the map first, we should have plenty of movement points to do so. Set the Friend echelon to 'eliminate' once more and move the Combat echelon at the bottom intersection to close in on the right pocket.

Turn 4

Clear out the remaining enemy units and if you need to, resupply using the temporary node.


Clear Conditions:

Kill Boss Unit in 3 Turns.

Required Squads:

1 combat echelon that can punch through Armor(114 Armor), Scouts and Dreamer


This is the team set up used [with a different Fairy] to clear Dreamer and any enemy units along the way. Welrod and RO give surprisingly high survival versus Scouts and Dreamer. If you do not have OTs-14, 9A91 is a good substitute AR. As for Welrod, you can throw in Mk23 instead for pure firepower to break through the tough armor.

If your team is lacking in firepower and you have yet to invest in fairy skill levels, using an Artillery Fairy for its passive FP buffs is recommended, followed by a Warrior Fairy. Another option is to run an ARSMG team without a HG, though you'd have to slot an Illumination Fairy at at least skill level 3 in instead to guide you through.


Once the battle against Dreamer starts, similar to 7N's boss fight, you'll need to spread your Dolls out in an X formation, so you can dodge her laser attack easily.

Turn 1

The map looks rather intimidating for its sheer size and visible enemy units shown at the start of the map, but all we have to do is kill Dreamer to end it with an S-rank'd victory. Just remember to avoid the red beans [Golyat Plus] along the way and you will be all set.