Area 6 N

Welcome to Chapter 6N, where the difficulty ramps up pretty high and frequent repairs seem unavoidable just like in 5N. This is partially due to fact that the chapter came out in KR and CN post Fairy-era, but the EN server will get to try it without fairies. If you were able to clear Arctic Warfare chapter 3 night maps easily, you have a chance to survive in 6N.

This chapter will favor ARSMG comps with focus on utilizing AoE skills. If you have properly enhanced equipment and Skill Levels for the T-dolls, 2 Night ARSMG and a dummy is all the preparation you’ll need to take on the first 3 maps. ARs with low initial CD AoE skills like FAL and Zas will be valuable, as will any SMGs with AoE skills like Vector, Skorpion, and PPS.

However, don’t overload echelons with multiple AoE skills.
These night ARSMG echelons will need to take on armored targets as well as battle against one or two Manticore units.
I would recommend a mixed balance of self-buff ARs and AoE ARs.

Here are examples of such a set up. If you have better T-dolls, use them instead of copying what I do!

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6N Guide

Quick Farming Routes for Special Equipment

Good and bad news. Only Alchemist can be farmed for special equipment.  However, it’s relatively easier to farm than 5-4N! Here is my setup.