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10-4E Farming Guide(Updated)

Ceia made a follow-up part for his guide! Enjoy!

Singularity Preparation Guide

Deep Dive Guide is Live!

Hello Commanders! The guide for Deep Dive is Live! Please take a look and we hope that it will help you with the upcoming event. Good luck!

Deep Dive Preparation Guide

Good day Commanders! Today I present to you the Deep Dive Preparation Guide, which comes in 2 forms. The video form, and the document form. Here is the document version – And here is the video version – Good luck, and god speed! Edit: and now, Guide is out!

Fairies Guide and Breakdown

Good Day Commanders! Today, I present to you a full breakdown to fairies, there is a written version of this guide as well, that I will link below. CLICK THE LINK BELOW [Fairy Analytic v0.50 by 25thNight- and Emperoripmg]