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Site Migration

Howdy, fellas. The site had undergone a migration, which unexpectedly resulted in a few mistakes popping up in our backup. We are missing around a week worth of post/edits. If there are any 404 pages, we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause you. We are working on restoring everything to the best …

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Site Start up donations!

Hello I am Kirahuang! I help start up this site and fund most of the things needed to make it run smoothly  (Host and plugins). But I cannot sustain the start up cost sadly, If you want to help us out please give us a donation in this pool! Even a dollar is more then …

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5-2n Drag data

5-2 Night Drag Data collection is now done!  Thanks to eTern for the data compilation! Click here!

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Should you whale in Girl’s Frontline?

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