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GFL X VA-11 HALL-A Collab PV

Last Fairy Spotlight and the release of Fairy Guide from GFC!

Good Day EN Players!  Since the Fairy System is less than day away, we are excited to announce the last of our Fairy infographic and completed Fairy Guide! It will cover the introduction to the Fairy System and a more in-depth look at individual Fairies. You can locate it right at the main menu bar …

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Fairy Spotlight (2)

Good Day EN Players!  We are back with another infographic for the upcoming Fairy System! Today we are looking at the Combat-type Fairy that will frustrate S.F. Bosses to no end: Taunt Fairy! She is a different type of Fairy compared to others we covered last time as the Taunt Fairy actively influences the battle …

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Fairy Spotlight (1)

    Good Day EN Players!  With new announcement from MICA letting us know that Fairy system is coming to EN on 12th, we prepared infographics! Today we will be sharing Parachute Fairy and Landmine Fairy. We also included comments from players in CN server if you are unsure of its use.   The Airdrop …

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Night Chapter 6 Guide is Now Live!

Good day EN players, MICA announced today that night chapter 6 is ready to be released after maintenance on 19th after AW concludes. Curious about what you have to face? I have guide out as well! Click on image below to check it out.