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Good Day EN Players! I’m JDY204 and for past few months I’ve been creating guides on Blogger pages varying from S-Rank Gold Medal Walkthroughs to Essential Knowledge of how battle control works in a mobile game called Girls’ Frontline where I spend my time presenting solutions to the ever-increasingly difficult of maps as story progresses. …

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Nov. 6th Update: Night Chapter 5

UPDATE: Night Chapter 5 guide is up! [Link] Good Day EN players! Today I bring you the Nov. 6th update that will bring the Midnight chapter 5: Kindling along with Revamped 7 Days Frontline Supply. For first bullet point: New 7 Days Frontline supply is identical as the one in JP server when new player …

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Voucher Event: Dinergate O’Lantern

Oct. 23rd ~ Nov. 12th   Previously called “Farming Event/Bullying Event” Voucher Event is back! This time we have JS05, 5-star T-doll as one of the possible reward. You will have again 21 days to farm for the event and 10 lanterns from each boss: adds up to 60 Dinergate Lanterns each day. Don’t forget …

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Monthly Road Map for October: Midnight Chapter 5, Halloween Events and More

Good day EN players! Looks like we will have more contents lined up for next few weeks as image shown above. With bits and scraps of information we have, we can confidently confirm that next big event will be the BB x GG Collaboration: Operation Hunting Rabbit since Midnight chapter 5 is a prelude chapter …

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Update Preview: Oct. 16th

Long waited QoL client Update! Picture Above shows what is new to the new client. One other thing that is not mentioned is that now Planned Moves will be much quicker between moves.