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DJMax Collaboration Guide from GFC! Overview Boss Minigame & OST Rewards & Drops Skins Map Guide OST Only PP-19 and SRS here have any priority to farm, everything else you can go for in any order Keep in mind that EX rewards don’t contain anycollab exclusive rewards except for medal! Bundle includes 50 Cost – 1588 Bundle includes 50 …

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Chapter 11 S-Ranking Guide by GFC!

Welcome to the map clear guide for chapter 11. Paradeus is out for blood. First time we will have a use for out HOCs in regular maps, hope you gave them some love. There will be a lot of Paradeus units, and if you want some more info about them you can click on the …

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GFL Community Content Contest Voting!

Pequliar Submissions Yes, a full fledged visual novel made via RenPy. The madlads. Download Page

Theater System Introduction by GFC

We welcome commanders to the upcoming Theater system. Hoping this introductory guide will serve you well in the upcoming battles.

Pacifist Ranking Run Guide from Ceia!

Our boi Ceia came out with a quick guid on how to complete a Pacifist ranking run for Continuum Turbulence. This run gives you a hidden achievement so even if you’re not ready to take on the ranking seriously we still recommend to at least run it this way!