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Continuum Turbulence Guide by GFC

Girl’s Frontline new event Continuum Turbulence is here! If you have any troubles with it we hope this detailed guide from GFC will help you in your adventures!

Chapter 8N S-Rank Guide

Welcome to the map clear guide for chapter 8N. Dreamer makes her resurgence here and the enemies’ armor value has gone up slightly to the current maximum of 114. The key factor to managing your echelons’ health throughout the mission will ensure that they can handle both high quantity forces and high armor units. There …

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HOC Guide by GFC!

Overview Facilities Obtaining Leveling Equipping Stats Combat Use

Singularity Event Guide by GFC

Introduction Mechanics Enemies Bosses MAP GUIDE Rewards/Crates Drops RANKING Chapter I 1 d Chapter II 2 2 Chapter III 3 3 CHAPTER I CHAPTER II CHAPTER III FARMING GUIDE FROM CEIA

Community Speedrun Event – Bitter Reunion!

Recommended Recording Tools iOS: Apple built-in recording software Link Android: Mobizen Screen Recorder Link Emulators: Open Broadcaster Software Link