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Expedition System Mini-Guide

October Major Client Update!

This client update is quite large. It will bring us a lot of QoL changes and improvements UI-wise as well as two new game mechanics and a new mini-event! We will be briefly talking about most of the important additions leaving the rest up to you to discover for yourself. The first large addition is …

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Chapter 10 S-Rank Guide!

Area 10 introduces new level of difficulty as well as 3rd phase by new faction: KCCO. They will have yellow as their color for the node, and some of them will even be controllable [in blue] working just like friend echelon. It will be important to control them to our advantage to get S-rank clears, …

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Neural Upgrade Overview and Analytic by GFC


Neural Upgrade Voting Overview!

With the new system inboud on EN we have a choice of who will get upgrades first! This is an overview of all candidates. If you want to find a more detailed information on them there is a link to a google doc at the bottom as well! Important – voting will be held in-game …

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