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Isomer Preparation(?) Guide from Ceia & The Boys.

Kept you waiting, huh? Isomer’s Preparation(?) Guide is now available! The ranking information will now be constantly updated with information from the community.

Continuum Turbulence Preparation Guide

Hello Commanders, The CT Preparation Guide is finally here! This document is currently in an Open Beta state, information may change until everything is finalized.

Girls Frontline Translated Archive

Hi all! Welcome to the Girls Frontline Translated Archive! Enjoy your stay here! [Link] Please read/obey the following rules: Please don’t use the art inside for commercial purpose Please don’t reupload any comics in this archive on reddit, the mods were informed to delete the post in question if they spotted any comics in the …

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Fairies Guide and Breakdown

Good Day Commanders! Today, I present to you a full breakdown to fairies, there is a written version of this guide as well, that I will link below. CLICK THE LINK BELOW [Fairy Analytic v0.50 by 25thNight- and Emperoripmg]

January Road Map 2019

Good Day EN players and Happy New Year…. SoonTM! Today MICA has announced their roadmap schedule for January 2019, and there is a lot to go over! So let’s jump right in. 1. General Rate up & Misc. Updates Christmas Maintenance note has detailed information on the General Rate up week, which includes days for …

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