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Video guides of GFL.

Arctic Warfare Ranking – A Gameplay Commentary for 8+ Echelons

Good day Commanders! Today, I have an Arctic Warfare Ranking guides for you, I’ve commentated my thought process through this ranking run with 10 echelons. I hope this will help you with your upcoming ranking runs!

Arctic Warfare – Guidelines and Tips for Ranking Mode!

Good Day Commanders, Here are some guidelines and tips you can use for Arctic Warfare’s Ranking mode! Please take a look!

Arctic Warfare – Guidelines to low cost Red Packet farming

Good Day Commanders! Here’s a guideline you can use to farm for red packets at low cost! Please take a look.

5-2N RF Dragging Guide

Good day Commanders! I’ll be introducing a late game equipment fodder farming method we’ve been theory-crafting the past few days, 4 HG 1 RF drag in 5-2N Please take a look, and share with your community if it has helped you.

Arctic Warfare Comprehensive Preparation Guide

Good day Commanders! Today, I have a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for our next combat event, Arctic Warfare! Please take a look, and share it with your community if you have found it useful.