Chapter 10N Guide from GFC!

Chapter 10N maps are surprisingly easier than 9N maps, and put more emphasis on the gimmicks in the map and story telling. Still, having at least a 3-star Taunt and an Airstrike Fairy at level 70 or higher would be highly recommended, with both of them at max skill level to minimize the repairs. S-rank is largely irrelevant in night maps, save for the last map in this chapter for extra chance at the special equipment, so any instances in which retreating an echelon will help alleviate map difficulty will be mentioned beforehand.


Gager but at night, in reality only issue with that is accuracy penalty so M4 MOD recommended for her cannon. Otherwise her attacks are telegraphed so you only need to not forget to retreat 2 dolls(if you use M4 mod) and move dolls out of the way when warning signs appear on tiles.


Here you can find full a S-rank guide for new maps. You can also click on images to open lightbox and look through it as an album.

Take note: This guide provides only one solution to these maps with minimum requirements to get an S-rank. Utilizing fairies (Parachute especially) will help immensely in clearing those maps. Note that they can be affected RNG when it comes to getting an S-rank, you’ve been warned! Good luck!


Clear Conditions:

Take enemy HQ within 4 turns.

Required Squads:

2 ARSMG [lvl 90+ 5x link, skill level of 8 or higher]

Here are the example echelons that I used for the clearing the mission. It's good to have least 1 AoE skill in the echelon along with debuff [smoke or RO's skill]. Echelon that went down to the enemy HQ had the Taunt fairy to give additional layer of protection.

Map shows Sopmod in the photo but you may replace her with other grenade ARs like FAL. 2nd echelon rarely fights and should at most fight once or twice during the mission.

Turn 1

Start with combat echelon at the spawn point. Then move down the left path. Deploy 2nd combat echelon on the helipad.

Turn 2a

Swap and resupply 1st combat echelon before you head southwards.

Turn 2b

Head down the left side of the path with no radar using 1st combat echelon.

Turn 3

Since we have limited ammo and likely to use all of them, avoid any unnecessary fights. End your turn on the node top of enemy HQ.

Turn 4

Move down and fight the Dragoon unit on top of enemy HQ. I recommend you use the Taunt fairy skill here as Dragoon can hit hard against your frontline.


Clear Conditions:

Do not fight any units and take highlighted radar node within 5 turns.

Required Squads:

2 Dummy Echelons [single low level HG]

Turn 1

There's no need for combat echelons in this mission so I'm going to clear using two dummy echelons. Deploy 2 dummy echelons on the first turn.

Turn 2

Dummy echelon in the front (1st dummy echelon) moves to the right to take helipad to gain additional move points next turn. Move 2nd dummy echelon off the helipad.

Turn 3

1st dummy echelon at the top helipad moves to take next helipad on the right side. There's a manticore units nearby so take care to not run into them accidentally. 2nd dummy echelon near the starting helipad moves down once to draw manticore's aggro so that it takes the uni-direction path.

Turn 4

Move 2nd dummy echelon back up once towards the starting helipad. Then 1st dummy echelon on the right side moves to step on the radar on the center.

Turn 5

All there's left to do is to move down the shown path above to hit the radar and clear the mission.

10-3N [Minor RNG warning]

Clear Conditions:

Take highlighted radar node within 5 turns.

Required Squads:

1 ARSMG [AOE skill] + Airstrike Fairy [recommend skill lvl 10]

This map uses identical combat echelon from the 10-1N with change in fairy from taunt to Airstrike. This is mainly for big dinnergate("Sounds tasty" - Hoxy) wave, and Jaeger sniper in the rear. Recommend max level airstrike skill to minimize damage.

Turn 1

There's restriction of 1 echelon for this clear so make sure that echelon is topped off and fully healed before departing. Move North of radar node and towards the closed helipads on the top right. I recommend you keep the fairy ability on at all times during the mission. I do not recommend kiting against Dragoons as they spawn close to the front.

Turn 2

Move and avoid unnecessary fights on the way to the closed helipad. Capture them to increase future move turns.

Turn 3

We now move down to the closed helipad in the middle. This draws attention of the dangerous Dragoon unit to the left. Where the Dragoon moves will determine which direction we have to move on turn 4.

Turn 4(Route A)

If the Dragoon moves to the top of us, we are going to take the bottom route towards the helipad on the bottom right. this route has more fights so make sure to resupply on the way down.

Turn 4(Route B)

If the Dragoon moves down, take the shorter northern route to the helipad. Resupply on next turn.

Turn 5

All you have to do now is to take the radar node in the center.


Clear Conditions:

Take out Boss unit within 4 turns.

Required Squads:

Max level 1 RFHG + Taunt // 1 ARSMG + Airstrike // 1 Boss echelon [Armor 37+] + 1 HOC [to gain action point]

Top of the map will have armored units; any decently leveled and skilled RFHG echelon works, but it's important to use taunt fairy to buy more time for RF skills to kick in. Worried about accuracy or Manticores? You can use Purple cano or M200 instead of SVD or thrown in stronger buffer HGs like Python.

Bottom side of the map has normal units. I took ARSMG with AoE skills and Airstrike Fairy to soften the first incoming volley. If you have Mod AS VAL and Python, it can be a great combination with right Fairy set up.

Finally we have the Boss echelon that will fight only the Boss. You want to have SG T-doll with armor of 37+, this can be achieved with either Armor fairy or using a single MG with armor buff. The Main damge dealer is going to be MOD M4 with her cannon so I have included 2 HGs as buffer. Remember that Mod M4's skill activates only when you have 3 or less T-dolls on the field.

Turn 1a

Start with RFHG echelon on the large helipad and ARSMG on the normal helipad. Move RFHG echelon up two nodes to capture closed helipads.

Turn 1b

ARSMG echelon moves left from the large helipad. Then deploy HOC of your choice while we still have vision of the helipad.

Turn 1c

ARSMG echelon moves further down the left side. I recommend having fairy skills on at all times at this point.

Turn 2

RFHG echelon moves to sweep the top and ends turn above the ally helipad on the top left. The Jaguar mortar unit to your left could be dangerous against the slow RF T-dolls so make sure to micro to minimize the damage. ARSMG echelon moves one node to the left and end turn.

Turn 3

Now all that's left to do is to fulfill the requirement of at least 12 kills before fighting the Boss unit. ARSMG resupplies at the middle and moves down the left path. Enemies along this path are weaker and should be taken out relatively easy compared to other units on the field. If RFHG echelon is badly damaged, move it down to the radar node to avoid further fights.

Turn 4

At this point you should have the 12 kills requirement met and vision to the helipad adjacent to Kar98 hostage. Deploy your Boss echelon, rescue the hostage and take out the Boss. For the boss, make sure to retreat 2 dolls for M4 to use her cannon and move dolls out of the way of her telegraphed attacks.