T-Doll/Equipment Crafting Recipes and Timers

Due to popular request I’m putting Crafting recipes and timer for the T-Dolls and Equipment. Timers below includes girls that has not been released in the EN server.

■ Crafting T-Doll Type Requirements*

  1. HG: Only shows up when sum of resource put in to crafting is 920 or less.
  2. SMG: Shows up regardless of recipe put it. To exclude HG, put resources greater than 920.
  3. AR: Shows up when sum of resources put in is greater than or equal to 800.
  4. RF: Shows up when Manpower and Food [MRE] is greater than or equal to 300.
  5. MG: Shows up when follow resources are equal to or greater than listed [Manpower 400, Ammo 600, Parts 300]
  6. SG: To include all SG, minimum recipe of 6000, 1000, 6000, 3000 is required.

  *These are absolute requirements, not the recommended recipes for the crafting each type of T-doll.

■ Crafting T-Doll Recipes

There exists many recipes that people recommend due to nature of gacha pull being random, but this is the baseline of which you should consider which type of T-doll you will be trying your luck on. There are more ‘minimum’ recipes that only draws from pull that is restricted but I think above recipes are ideal since it covers all 5-star dolls from each type. If you are interested in selective recipe, try data site where they collect all crafting statistics.


■ Crafting T-Doll Timer [Updated as of 03/2020]


■ Crafting Equipment Recipes

Equipment Recipes are ones that is actually harder to talk about in terms of what is the optimal one since community still has difference in opinion on what is best for each type of gear. So I’m putting down the absolute basic recipes that works and have higher rate of getting the equipment that you are looking for.

■ Crafting Equipment Timer