December Road Map 2018

Good day EN players!
Today MICA has posted their road map for the month of December 2018, for the EN server and with it comes some juicy information. Let’s take a closer look at each piece.
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1. New T-Dolls x5

 Post December 4th maintenance, we are getting new dolls added to the pool, who will be available for production on the 8th! Notable dolls worth mentioning from this batch will be RFB [AR] and T-5000 [RF] but let’s go ahead and look at each doll individually. [With personal opinion of what dolls should be priority if you have limited pulls. It’s okay to have a difference in opinion!]

Priority: #1

RFB is a doll that has interesting skill which after 6 second initial CD, prioritizes shooting enemy units on the backline just like RFs for 5 seconds [8 seconds at skill level 10] with buff on FP and ACC.   While this sounds amazing on ARSMG group, RFB has one of the lowest base RoF, which necessitates support from other dolls to really shine.  Because RFB can equip PEQs while RFs cannot, with the right buffs she can take out those pesky Jaegers in the backline during night missions with relative ease once her skill kicks in. 

Priority: #2 (if you do not have SVD or WA)

T-5000, A.K.A. 0.9 WA. Due to her unique buff tiles that gives CD reductions up to 2 HG, it is studied often along with SVD. Only downside is that her initial CD is 6 seconds compared to 5 seconds for WA and SVD but buff on ACC with skill activation is also worth noting [50% at skill level 10]. T-500's base stat is comparable to SVD and would be a suitable candidate if you are not looking to dupe. The buff tile "forces" T-5000 to compete for position 7 in the formation, which usually is WA or LEE in 2RF3 HG formation.

Priority: #3 (if you don't have OTs-14) 

T91 is designed to be a Night AR with focus on buff on FP and Crit% increase. Unfortunately She is overshadowed by Queen and Princess of Night [Ots-14 and 9A] in terms of performance. If you don't have Ots-14, she is not a bad option to raise, but there is a reason why she is not as well sought after. I have included a video of comparison between T91 and T65 [3 star AR]


Video should start @ 4:30 for direct comparison with Skill and Stat comparison at the beginning of the video.

Priority: #4 (if you are getting sick or raising dupe Big 4)

Ameli is rare 4 star MG that gives 15% armor buffs to all 3 tiles in the front for SGs, which is often better or comparable to 5 star MG buff tiles. Sadly her skill put her in the same category as MG4, which is the butt of the joke in MG category. However with free special Equipment during event and comparable Stat to MG4, if you are looking to increase SG armor for the future content [and CE bloating], she is not a bad doll to have.

Priority: #5

Shipka is Evasion focused SMG that has 6 initial CD for 130% increase in evasion for 5 seconds. Her buff tiles increase RoF by 15% and Evasion by 10% to ARs. Sadly due to low HP, she won't last much in battle even with high evasion as few lucky shots can put her into critical state. Personally would not recommend her as a main tanker.


2. Cafe


3. Christmas Voucher Event

The image on the right was for the Korean Christmas voucher event last year, where Kalina’s Costume shown above was identical to the one seen in the December Road map 2018. The main difference is that the EN server does not have Area 8 unlocked, and could have a different amount of Gingerbread available for the event as well as exchangeable items. 
It would follow the same method as other voucher/bully events, by killing the boss on each chapter to earn the gingerbread cookies [again the amount is subject to change]. Afterwards, a certain amount can be traded at the show tab for an item as shown above, with few noticeable items like 16LAB Capes and HP ammo, along with Ameli’s special equipment.  
With lots of great rewards on the list, I would recommend playing daily to get as much as you can!
4. NTW Christmas Skin for Login event
Not much to describe her other than log in during the event
time to earn your reward, just like NZ75’s login event!
5. Christmas Sales & Re-supply Gacha

We are expecting our first Christmas Gacha: White Carnival (CN:2016)

[Here is the link where you can check out all the costumes]

and prices courtesy of GFC!


6. Public Vote for Special Rescue Event

This one is new on the EN server, in that we will get a chance to vote for which dolls to appear as limited boss drop during the allocated time! I would recommend asking more questions about it during the Monthly QnA session on your preferred media outlet. Monthly QnA goes from Dec. 4th to Dec. 6th on various platforms, so keep an eye out!

Update: We have confirmation that for options of T-dolls, it will be limited to dolls that can be crafted in a normal crafting. So SGs and Event exclusive dolls such as OTs-14 and 5-7 are unavailable for the vote.

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