Last Fairy Spotlight and the release of Fairy Guide from GFC!

Good Day EN Players! 

Since the Fairy System is less than day away, we are excited to announce the last of our Fairy infographic and completed Fairy Guide! It will cover the introduction to the Fairy System and a more in-depth look at individual Fairies. You can locate it right at the main menu bar on the top.

Now, for our last infographic, this Fairy brings massive firepower buffs that will blow your enemies away! 


The Artillery Fairy may not have the best skill when it comes to Combat-type fairies, but the sheer buff alone along with high evasion buffs puts her at one of the best Fairies to invest in early on. She also shows up on the minimum recipe [500 x 4] as well.

If you missed the announcement about our Fairy Guide at the beginning, I have the link down below as well!