Girls Frontline Translated Archive

Hi all!

Welcome to the Girls Frontline Translated Archive! Enjoy your stay here! [Link]

Please read/obey the following rules:

  1. Please don’t use the art inside for commercial purpose
  2. Please don’t reupload any comics in this archive on reddit, the mods were informed to delete the post in question if they spotted any comics in the archive
  3. The translators/typesetters remain all rights to their translations, so they have the right to take it off if they find their translation is being posted somewhere else 
  4. Please inform me if there are any mistakes in translation


Please note that some comics contain spoiler/borderline nsfw material, please view at your own caution.

Things to take note of

Some translations are inconsistent due to the fact that these comics are translated throughout a long period by different typesetters, so please forgive any inconsistencies in font choice etc.

I am also actively tying to improve the naming systems for some of the comics, but these take time (a lot actually) so please bear with it for the moment

We are also recruiting new translators, typesetters, and proofreaders:

Translators must be proficient on English and at least one foreign language in the bracket (Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

Typesetters (and redrawers) must be proficient on using photoshop (able to remove the words from the art without significantly disrupt the artwork)

Proofreaders must be proficient in English

Please contact me if you are interested:




Discord: DiggusDBickus#5999