Monthly Roadmap: June 2019

Good day, Commanders!
MICA brought out yet another roadmap for the coming month the other day. From the looks of things, we’ll certainly be in for another treat. Let’s take a proper look at each one of the things they teased from the top.

Monthly T-Doll Rate-Up - 5 New T-Dolls!

The major portion of this monthly T-Doll batch will surprisingly consist of dolls that weren’t introduced any later than roughly a half year in the older servers.

Admittedly, none of the T-Dolls here are ground breaking in any similar way the past highlights were, but if you still insist on pulling on this one, AR crafting is the way to go.

Not a single soul would pass up the urge to focus on AR crafting when all three 5★ in a single batch are ARs.


New 5★ AR T-Doll: K2
New 5★ AR T-Doll: K11
New 5★ AR T-Doll: 64 Shiki
New 4★ HG T-Doll: Jericho
New 4★ RF T-Doll: SPR A3G

New Resupply Gacha - "Eastern Paradise"

This banner will feature skins for K2, K5, KLIN and Type 63! 

For a better look at these skins, visit our skin compilation.

It’ll run from
June 8th till 27th 23:59 UTC-8.

New Voucher Event! - "The Rice Dumpling Day"

New 5★ RF T-Doll: TAC-50

This new voucher event will feature the new 5★ RF T-Doll, TAC-50!

For a verdict on her performance, please check out the analysis we have made on our analysis doc.

For those unaware, voucher events require players to retrieve event currency from boss maps (Normal) daily to redeem rewards with them.

Everyday, you can retrieve 12 “Metal Zongzi” from normal boss map clears from Ch1 – Ch6, which grants the player a total of 72 Metal Zongzis a day.

New Story Chapter Inbound!

Who doesn’t like themselves a little more of that lore, am I right or am I right? Chapter 9 is underway this month as well!

Chapter 9’s new SF ringleader, Judge, will have the honor of bestowing us with her magnificent shoulder cannon gun things or whatever god knows apparatus has been mounted onto her, but it looks cool I guess.

Furthermore, the T-Doll she’s holding captive is the new 4★ AR T-Doll, Ak5. Yes, 4★. This is the first ever limited drop doll of the Epochal rarity. But does she live up to her rarity? Yes, actually. Taking the difficulty of the map she needs to be rescued from into account however will give you second thoughts.

New 4★ AR T-Doll: Ak5 (Limited Drop)
Chapter Boss: Judge

Combat Simulations - Full Opening!*

For a whole week, combat sims of all kinds will be opened! This means that you won’t have to wait for one specific sim to open, and you’re free to choose whichever you’d like! Commanders should utilize this opportunity to their fullest.

The best one could do to make use of this opportunity is to obtain dozens and dozens of data, as you can never have enough, especially now with fairies in the game, who also need some tending to.
Mass leveling your dolls through EXP Sims wouldn’t be too bad of a choice for some people either.

Most analyses for these new dolls have already been made, and a new chapter guide is also in the works, so stay tuned for that!

Should you have any more questions about anything, you can visit us over on our Discord!