Monthly Roadmap: November 2018

Good Day EN players!

Last night MICA has posted their roadmap for month of November and it includes lot of new information! So let’s take a look into them more closely.

 New T-Dolls x5

  • We were told month earlier in the October Monthly Q&A that Contender is one of the new T-dolls that will be added. For others we are expect Ribeyrolles AR who is great for buffing ARs like M4. 5 Star Zas AR, 4 Star AEK 999 and MG and 4 star Spitfire HG is other 4!

Veteran Callback

  • Veteran Callback event will be most likely about having inactive players returning for a reward that Includes Super SASS and other resources. This is a frequent event that happens before major expansion for GFL, so keep on the lookout for more!

Collaboration Login event

  • Collaboration Login Event is dropping a 5-star HG NZ75, who was shown in night chapter 5 as one of the squad mates along with M99. She is great HG that can support from the backline with tile buff, so don’t miss your chance of getting her! In other servers she was a limited drop from Arctic Warfare as Boss Drop.

Collaboration + Event Costume Bundles

  • We finally got official announcement that GG X BB collaboration with GFL is happening in EN server! The guide explaining the routes and rewards will be posted as we get closer to the event. Additionally The skins in other servers have been a direct purchase instead of via Gems due to nature of collaboration. So if you want the skins for new collab dolls, don’t purchase gem ahead of time!

Re-supply Gacha

  • I will update as more information becomes available!

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