October Major Client Update!

This client update is quite large. It will bring us a lot of QoL changes and improvements UI-wise as well as two new game mechanics and a new mini-event! We will be briefly talking about most of the important additions leaving the rest up to you to discover for yourself.

The first large addition is the new and improved new player rewards. A new set of quests will be added to help new players get into the game more easily. There will be a new set of Career Quests that will reward players with a rather large amount of Combat Reports and cores, as well as pre-leveled and linked dolls. Old players will be able to get those rewards as well if they clear these quests. Note that if you’ve already received certain story T-Dolls (M4A1 / ST AR-15 / M4 SOPMOD II / M16A1 / RO635), you will be compensated with cores, combat reports and enhancement pills via an in-game mail.

Total rewards for all new quests will amount to: 4609 Combat Reports, 302 Enhancement Pills, 228 Cores, 59 Quick Repair Contracts. In addition to that, a number of pre-leveled and pre-linked dolls will also be included with the rewards.


Second important addition – Expeditions. Or the Forward Basecamp System, if you prefer it this way. It is a new mechanic for gathering useful items. Kind of like logistics but you spend regular resources to gain new kinds of resources to buy stuff from the Black Market. If you want full details, click on the image on the left(or top if mobile).

Commander's Wardrobe

Third one – Commander’s Wardrobe. Finally one can customize his own Commander’s look. Take note that in the future, some of the costumes will be rewards from Events and also from Rankings. Clothes also don’t have any gender restrictions so go wild. :^)

Available bonuses from costumes are – +5% Commander Exp(Stacks up to 3 times), +3% Affection Gain(Up to 5 times), 10% Repair Time Reduction(Up to 3 times), 3% Skill Training Time Reduction(Up to 5 times), +3% Doll Experience Gain(Up to 5 times), +3% Fairy Experience Gain(Up to 5 times). For them to take effect you only need to have them in your inventory.

Last but not least – A Halloween mini-event! In essence, this is more like an extended boss-bully event but it’s also welcomed.

The stages won’t pose too much trouble but just in case, Ceia has made a guide for clearing them. Make sure to make use of the new player rewards!