Popular Q&A Questions

Below is the list of popular Q&A questions for the Q&A Sessions with MICA Team developers. Don’t forget to check the GDocs if you need more information!

Would it be possible to reduce/remove the censorship? Read it, but we customer service staffs are no longer allowed to give you anything more than an auto-reply. Those who make the decision are talking over this
Can we assume that we will get only a select few collabs? We will get most of them, but some may not be released.
When will digimind (Mod) upgrade be added? It is not going to be implemented until Singularity Event.
Do you think EN is capable of keeping with JP in order to catch up to CN? We are not going to falling behind in terms of contents and we should at least reach Singularity by this time next year.
How long until the next batch of new dolls? About how many will there be? Another batch is coming next month and this time there will be more of them.
Will EN get Digimind upgrades in a different order from what they were originally? That is yet to be decided. (In a similar question, this was the answer: We are not getting MODs until Singularity, so I think we are getting MODs of main story characters first.)
Will Q&As like these really be held monthly? Do you intend to manage it as it is being handled for this month as well or do you intend to make changes (feedback form, questionnaire, etc.)? Yes. Surely we are willing to make changes if it is needed, but the general form will not change. Tools like questionnaire will also be used if needed
Is it possible to not have to login every time you switch devices? For now I’m afraid that it would not be possible, as the new security mechanism has come into effect.
Will there be less filler and more main events so we can reach CN faster? I believe the schedule for the following months is close to what you want.
After the update i have lag spike during choosing formation phase , is it because of my phone or game client? A mixture of both. We are looking into this issue now.
Will there be a trade system where we can trade dolls/equipment/resources with other players? No plans for a trading system.
Will EN follow the same schedule as the older servers for the Re-Supply gacha? Like for example, will the Sweet Oath resupply only come out after Singularity or are you able to push forward resupply gachas? We have our on schedule of release, but newer gachas will tend to come later.
Can i ask about how do you guys define macro bot ? does putting shortcut on keyboard considered as one? Keybinding is not considered as cheating, but you may still get picked by our scanner. In which case you can always appeal for an unban
Is schedule different from Chinese server? JS05 came this soon is extremely surprising me. Yes, we have our own schedule for the release of event, T-Dolls and costumes.
when is the top up bonus going come back? you know, like the bonus gems you get from the first purchase of that particular gem bundle? It may get reset annually, though I cannot guarantee that this will be the same for EN server.
Can i change my email link in sunborn to another email I’m afraid that the email is unchangeable.
can we have any information about the patch to fix lag spikes and slowness ? A lighter patch is under construction, but we still need more time as it is a big project.
Considering JP’s current content pacing, will EN and JP will eventually run alongside in terms of contents and events? Or EN will keep its pace the way it is? The EN server is following its own schedule, so the release of contents will not be synchronized in the two servers.
Are there going to more frequent substantive content updates in the future? We’ve been getting a lot of “Events”, however most of these center around doing the same that that we’re usually doing or killing some story bosses. Things like Cube or the Guilty Gear’/Blazblue collab that provide us with a new map and significantly more difficult encounters. Yes, you can expect to see major events/collaborations more frequently in the future.
Is there in mind ways for users to obtain tokens more often? Grinding them takes quite some time and spending them them that fast does hurt a bit. To my knowledge there won’t be much change for this part.
Is there a reason on why the Battle Rank and Collection Medals are not being distributed? The medals were only distributed once, the distribution was soon canceled.

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