Showdown at Habanera

■ Rules and Regulations
• Fight and defeat Dana in shortest time possible, Dana must must be defeated by having her HP reduced from full to 0.
• Time will be taken only for the boss fight with Dana.
• Record the fight and upload the video to YouTube with title [GFL Speedrun of Habanera]

## Provide all the information needed in the google form below,UID and Email/ID won't be shown in the doc. ##
Submit Form:
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Submissions deadline is 26th August 23:59 (UTC-8)GFC has the final says on the winners.

■ Gameplay/Recoding/Mechanism related:
• The use of Jill’s skill, “Mix: Big Beer” is prohibited for participating videos.
• Result screen must be submitted together with the video for verification.
In-game audio must be enabled for the video(Audio is optional for Android users due to OS version issue)
• Speeding up footage or video editing of any form that affect the duration of the fight will result in DQ.
• Video recorded on all 3 platforms (Android, iOS, Emulators) are allowed.
• Bullet time can be used but at the expense of slowing down your run.
• Timing is from the moment loading screen is off the screen to the moment the battle result screen shows up (the moment S rank slaps on the screen)
Any form of bug abuse will result in immediate disqualification

1st Place: 8k
2nd~5th: 6k
6th~10th: 4k
11th~30th: 2k
Winners be announced on 28th-29th August Rewards sent out before 7th Sept. 2019