Special Voodoo

Good day EN players! Today I bring you a discovery that has been a hot topic for discussion in many SSN platforms: Bypassing Censorship.


In the past MICA’s stance on the censorship was to disable the well known “666” in-game option on CN and KR server after government officials has asked to do so. This resulted in many responses from players from sending petition to MICA to even attempting to modify the game. This decision was grandfathered into EN server as well.


However after the most recent maintenance [Jan 08 2019] one of the community users reported of censorship being undone after running a voodoo recipe until their client crashed unexpectedly. Upon restart, there was a small file download, despite maintenance already been done by the time. After checking for any new changes, they ended up discovering the original uncensored arts were in place.


With further collaborative testimony by other players, who also attempted the same recipe to test whether it was truly legitimate.


After thorough investigation and my own attempt, I can confirm that uncensor recipe does exist for the EN server! Here’s a quick guide on how to disable the censorship.

This works on every device. Example such as IOS, Andriod, Emulators.

When asked about the censorship MICA stated they could not answer any questions about censorship.


  1. Start confirmed “voodoo” recipe.

Manpower 522 / Ammo 320 / Ration 404 / Parts 137

  1. Press Start Production, Then without doing any other action, force-quit GFL application on your device.


  1. Restart the GFL application, hit “Yes” when asked to download additional files.

  1. Confirm that the censorship has been disabled by checking the T-doll’s artwork.



  1. IF you ever want to revert the changes, full reinstall of application is required and uncensor will be undone!


*As a side note the voodoo recipe above just changes the xml file.

Video Proof By Ceia