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Monthly Road Map for October: Midnight Chapter 5, Halloween Events and More

Good day EN players! Looks like we will have more contents lined up for next few weeks as image shown above. With bits and scraps of information we have, we can confidently confirm that next big event will be the BB x GG Collaboration: Operation Hunting Rabbit since Midnight chapter 5 is a prelude chapter …

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Combat EXP x 1.5 Event: Incoming Collab Event?!

We are back at it again with EXP x 1.5 Event! You know what that means: another new content release! This time, however, we are not expecting Arctic Warfare… Since we have gotten confirmation from the Developers that AW will not be released in EN until early 2019. [Thanks to u/TheGraySeed for posting following images …

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Update Preview: Oct. 13th

Well now we know which dolls will be released in time for the Phase 2 of the Snow Fox Dance Point Event! Save your resources and cores!

Point Event: Snow Fox Dance

10/6 ~ 10/26 Click Image to Enlarge This is the data-mined phases by community members for the up coming event: Snow Fox Dance. [Thanks to u/Yorizura for Helping again once more.] Again we will have to see if the missions are as is until event is launched officially, but so far previous datamined works has …

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Possible Leak of Future Event and Resupply for October

Good day EN players! Today there was an image being shared in community that brought following images supposedly datamined to my attention:  Also followed by this: I’m very excited about this but since it is not officially announce by the developers, take it with the grain of salt on its validity.