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Girls Frontline x Gunslinger Girl Collaboration Guide by GFC!

Overview Mechanics Enemies Map Guide Rewards Skins All of the skins that are available in the collaboration come in bundles, 1280 each!

Chapter 10N Guide from GFC!

Chapter 10N maps are surprisingly easier than 9N maps, and put more emphasis on the gimmicks in the map and story telling. Still, having at least a 3-star Taunt and an Airstrike Fairy at level 70 or higher would be highly recommended, with both of them at max skill level to minimize the repairs. S-rank …

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Low Budget Isomer Ranking Run (400k+ Score) by Ceia

Hi, I’m back to ruin rankings. Here is a low requirement Isomer ranking strategy, 2 combat echelons, no fairies, 1 BGM only, it should get 400k+ score easily, which should get you the Zodiac Fairy and maybe even MG4’s special equipment. Good luck!

Isomer Guide by GFC

Isomer Preparation(?) Guide from Ceia & The Boys.

Kept you waiting, huh? Isomer’s Preparation(?) Guide is now available! The ranking information will now be constantly updated with information from the community.