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Point Event: Summer Holiday

07/03 ~ 07/23 [Update] Accurate list of missions have been data-mined by the community members. While the points assigned to them are unknown, I have cut the missions in two for expected Phase 2 and Phase 3 missions below.   They do have a notice right above the Reward Chest that says “Quests are not …

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Bingo Event: Victorious Conterattack

06/12 ~ 07/02 (UTC-8) Each day, 6 missions are assigned from the list below at random and 3 new missions gets added after mission is cleared. Avoid collecting hearts or collecting friend’s batteries until all missions are revealed. Mission Tasks   Normal Battle Challenge Challenge and win a Normal Battle 3 times.   Night Battle …

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Girls Frontline Official Announcement Trailer Revealed

Long awaited English Version will be released soon!