Bingo Event: Pixie Warfare

09/11 ~ 10/01 (UTC-8)

Line Rewards

  • 1: Resources x 3000
  • 4: T-Doll Contract x10, Quick Production x10, Quick Repair x10, Quick Training x2
  • 8: ART556
  • 14: Challenger Medal, Token x50, Calibration Ticket x200, Advanced Training Data x300
Bingo event is relatively simple event that you can earn tickets to draw numbers to match with bingo board. Once you finish a line on the board, you will earn specific reward listed on the edge of the board. Any duplicate numbers pulled will generate 10 Targeted Draw Points where you can spend 100 points later to manually select the number tile on the board to be guaranteed.

• Missions are generated from the pool of tasks below listed. Once you finish certain number of lines on the Bingo, additional rewards will be unlocked, which includes ART556 for this event.

• Each day, 6 missions are assigned from the list below at random and 3 new missions gets added after mission is cleared. Avoid collecting hearts or collecting friend’s batteries until all missions are revealed. 
• It is recommended to save up points for targeted roll until very end when you know for sure that you can finish the board all at once to increase the chance of random pull to be a new tile. This is also to reduce use of tickets earned which will be converted to calibration tickets 1:5 ratio after the event is over.

Mission Tasks

Normal Battle Challenge
Challenge and win a Normal Battle 3 times.

Night Battle Challenge
Challenge and win a Night Battle 1 time.

Emergency Battle Challenge
Challenge and win an Emergency Battle 2 times.

T-Doll Rescue
Rescue 10 T-Dolls in total from missions or battles(Auto-Battles do not count). 

T-Doll Enhancement
Perform 5 T-Doll Enhancements.

Equipment Enhancement
Perform 5 Equipment Enhancements. 

T-Doll Contract Consumption
Consume T-Doll Contract * 4 in total.

Equipment Contract Consumption
Consume Equipment Contract * 4 in total.

Quick Production Consumption
Consume Quick Production * 4 in total.

Quick Repair Consumption
Consume Quick Repair * 4 in total.

Manpower Consumption
Consume Manpower * 1,500 (Auto-Battles do not count).

Ammo Consumption
Consume Ammo * 1,500 (Auto-Battles do not count).

Ration Consumption
Consume Ration * 1,500 (Auto-Battles do not count).

Parts Consumption
Consume Parts * 1,500 (Auto-Battles do not count). 

Collecting Friend Batteries
Collect batteries from a friend’s Dorm 10 times.

Collecting Hearts
Collect 10 hearts in total (from T-Dolls and Kalina).

**T-Dolls can be counted by both crafting and Rescuing from the mission**

Obtaining HG T-Dolls
Obtain Handgun T-Doll * 3.

Obtaining SMG T-Dolls
Obtain Submachine Gun T-Doll * 3.

Obtaining AR T-Dolls
Obtain Assault Rifle T-Doll * 3.

Obtaining MG T-Dolls
Obtain Machine Gun T-Doll * 3.

Obtaining RF T-Dolls
Obtain Rifle T-Doll * 3. 

**Equipment can be counted by both crafting and by night missions**

Equipment – Accessories
Obtain accessory * 3.

Equipment – Magazines
Obtain magazine * 3.

Equipment – Body Gears
Obtain body gear * 3.

Mission Report – Quick Production
Obtain Quick Production * 1 from Logistic Support.

Mission Report – Quick Repair
Obtain Quick Repair * 1 from Logistic Support.

Mission Report – Equipment Production Contract
Obtain Equipment Contract * 1 from Logistic Support.

Mission Report – T-Doll Contract
Obtain T-Doll Contract * 1 from Logistic Support.

Boss Kills
Eliminate 5 bosses in victorious battles.

Armored Machine Type SF Forces
Eliminate 10 armored machine type S.F. enemies in victorious battles.

Normal Machine Type SF Forces
Eliminate 20 normal machine type S.F. enemies in victorious battles.

Normal Human Type SF Forces
Eliminate 30 normal human type S.F. enemies in victorious battles.

Accumulative Logistic Support
Accumulate 12 hours of completed Logistic Support.

Combat Simulation
Perform 2 Combat Simulations in total.

Skill Training
Perform 1 Skill Training.

Battle Master
Clear 10 battles with S rank.

Complete 1 Auto-Battle.

Ambassador of Likes
Like others’ Dorms 20 times in total.

Random Visit
Perform Random Visit 10 times

Give 10 gifts in total.

Battery Consumption
Consume Battery * 100 in total.

Using Friend Echelon
Use a friend’s Echelon 3 times in total.

Calibration Ticket Consumption
Consume Calibration Ticket * 30 in total.

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