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Video guides of GFL.

Singularity Ranking – 200k+ Score Samples + Openings

Hello Commanders! I’m back to ruin rankings, again. This time by giving 4 examples of 300K+ ranking runs that used 3 combat echelons (2 AR-SMG and 1 HG-RF Echelons) and 3 dummy echelons, there are no parachute nor illumination fairies used. I hope this may be useful as a reference for your ranking run, I’ve …

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Singularity Preparation Guide (Ranking)

Fairies Guide and Breakdown

Good Day Commanders! Today, I present to you a full breakdown to fairies, there is a written version of this guide as well, that I will link below. CLICK THE LINK BELOW [Fairy Analytic v0.50 by 25thNight- and Emperoripmg]

6-3N Zas Dragging Guide

Good Day Commanders, Today I present to you the 6-3N Zas Dragging guide! Please take a look! P.S – If you don’t like a video guide, there is also the text version – 

Chapter 6-4N Farming Guide

Good Day Commanders! Today, I have the video guide to 6-4N Farming for M16’s Special Equipment.  Please take a look, and good luck!