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Monthly Roadmap: June 2019

Good day, Commanders! MICA brought out yet another roadmap for the coming month the other day. From the looks of things, we’ll certainly be in for another treat. Let’s take a proper look at each one of the things they teased from the top. Monthly T-Doll Rate-Up – 5 New T-Dolls! The major portion of …

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Thank you to our Patrons!

Thanks to our Patrons for supporting out group! We are proud to announce our YouTube channel where we will upload guides and other farming tips! YouTube Channel: [Link] Our Deep Dive Video Guides: [Link]

Duolingo knows you did not study


GFC Discord now open!

Hello, dear humans.Because the crew of GFC are most active on Discord, and we’ve been wanting to communicate with the GFL community in a more direct manner over Reddit, we have taken it upon us to make a GFC Discord server for you guys to join! You can find the invite link up there in …

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AW ranking guide by Maki!