March Roadmap

New roadmap has been released, let’s see what we will get in March!

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 is on the horizon!
A new story chapter with a new limited drop will be coming very soon. The guide for it is in the works and will be posted here as soon as possible!

Voucher Event

Wedding themed voucher event. Means we will again get to harass bosses for exchange currency. Don’t forget that you can get friends to fetch the rewards for you! A costume as a reward, but we don’t know which one. It will surely be revealed with said voucher event on social media however!

Fairy System

Fairy system inbound!
Fairies will serve as the 6th addition to an echelon. They provide buffs and special effects to your whole team. Think of them as a type of equipment that affects the whole echelon. Each fairy has her own stats(as in buffs they provide), their own skill as well as a "talent". Skills are unique to each fairy, while talents are randomly determined. These talents can be re-configured by using calibration tickets.

Fairy skills consume Command Orders to utilize and are generated over time once the Fairy room is unlocked.

Regeneration rate and maximum stored capacity of Command Orders can be increased by upgrading the Fairy Room, just like the Data Room!

They can be leveled up just like normal dolls. They get a certain percentage of EXP your dolls gain during battle. The percentage depends on the level of corresponding facility in Fairy Room. It is very important to upgrade your Fairy Room to help fairies gain more EXP.

All fairies start at 1* rarity, which can be increased. The Limit Breaking  system is similar to the Equipment Enhancement feature, but in order to promote a fairy’s rarity past a certain point, certain level thresholds will have to be met.
3000 points are required to be able to promote a fairy to 5★. A non-dupe fairy only gives 10 points, while dupes give 100. If it has the same talent, you’ll get a x1.5 boost. This means that a dupe fairy with the same talent would give 150 points. Because of this, it is not advised to feed non-dupe fairies to increase rarity, as it would take 300 fairies to go from 1* to 5*.

You can craft fairies via Equipment Heavy Production (unlocked upon clearing 60 unique maps, regardless of rank). It functions the same as heavy production, in that it takes more resources and costs cores to perform. 

For more information about different fairies, their skills and recipes, please visit this link

New Skins!

This time we’re getting 2 gachas revolving around one theme, one of which being a re-run!

This will be the real gacha. For full info about the costumes/prices of bundles, visit this link.

Note that this will be a re-run of the old gacha. Skins will be added to Radiant Collection for a limited time with increased chance on them! L2D included! For full information about skins included visit this link.

New Shotgun Doll Batch!

We’re expecting these cuties to hit Heavy Production by the end of the month!

AA12 was confirmed in the roadmap image, and according to the past Q&A, we know that Saiga-12 and SPAS-12 were going to be in next SG batch, so we’re expecting those three to be the ones implemented.

As it turns out, M1014 Benelli will actually be the one to come for this next batch, as revealed recently during this month’s Q&A.

This surprised us as much as anyone else, but we apologize for the false assumption regardless.